Kinesiology Tape – Will it help my injuries?

Your first introduction to Kinesiology tape was probably during the Summer Olympics, colorful tape on different areas of the athlete’s body.  

Kinesiology, also known as human kinetics, is the study of human movement. The use of tape to treat ‘movement’ injuries is not new, but the new kinesiology tapes are more flexible and when applied correctly can create ‘tension’ on joints and muscles. It is promoted to help relieve injuries by creating ‘space’ between the skin (epidermis) and the muscle and allowing fluids to be drained away from the injury site, and also provide support and stability to muscles and joints.  

It does require some technique to properly apply the tape, but with some practice an individual can apply the tape himself or herself for the application they are attempting to achieve. 

We also carry FaciaDerm for the treatment of plantar fasciitis, a painful condition affecting your heal and arch. By properly applying the tape as instructed a user may quickly relieve the pain associated with this condition. (Again, instructions for applying the tape are found on YouTube.

There are many manufacturers of kinesiology tape, we carry Mueller Kinesiology and the application and uses of the tape can be found on YouTube. We have the tape in different colors and both pre-cut strips and continuous rolls. 

If you are experiencing problems from exercise, running, or other sports, Kinesiology tape may help you. 

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